Andre Gaines Makes Feature Film Directorial Debut with “The One and Only Dick Gregory”

As was recently reported on Deadline, Showtime has acquired the forthcoming documentary from ICM Partners’ client Andre Gaines.

“The One and Only Dick Gregory” unpacks the illustrious career of the late comedian, activist, thought leader, and pop-culture icon, and features a combination of archival footage and exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in entertainment today, including ICM Partners’ clients Chris Rock and Harry Belafonte.

“Dick Gregory is as present to me now as he was when I first started filming him six years ago – a trivial length of time when compared to the nearly six decades that this one man so greatly influenced American history, comedy, activism, and nutrition,” Gaines revealed. “He emptied himself completely for the movement, and while the enormity of his sacrifices are rarely acknowledged, he gave every artist a master class for what it truly means to both entertain and educate. Knowing Dick Gregory was a transformative experience that not only influenced the making of this film, but me as a man.”

“The One and Only Dick Gregory” will make its world premiere on Saturday, June 19th as part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s inaugural Juneteenth programming slate, ahead of its Showtime premiere on Sunday, July 4th at 9 pm ET/PT.

Interesting fact, ICM currently represents the estate of Dick Gregory and has represented the trailblazing, outspoken and always phenomenal Dick Gregory since the 1960’s, and the publication of his iconic memoir in 1964.

Congratulations to Lorrie Bartlett, Alicia Gordon, Dan Kirschen, and Seth Lawrence on the sale