Billboard’s 2020 list of R&B/ Hip-Hop Power Players Honors Robert Gibbs, Mari Davies, Yves C. Pierre and Jaqueline Reynolds-Drumm

ICM Partners is proud to congratulate our colleagues recognized on Billboard’s 2020 list of R&B/ Hip-Hop Power Players. This year’s list highlights individuals across these sectors of the music industry who were particularly active and influential during a year upended by the pandemic and a social justice reckoning.

As the global impact of COVID-19 shuttered nearly all touring and live, in person events this year, the power of music maintained its singular stronghold over audiences near and far. Artists and the music industry at large were quick to innovate and continue bringing fans the music, and we admire our colleagues, ICM Partner and Head of Contemporary Music Robert Gibbs, as well as Agents Mari Davies, Yves C. Pierre and Jaqueline Reynolds-Drumm for their hard work and commitment to the music during such a volatile year.

2020 was an especially pivotal year for Gibbs, who in August broke barriers when he became the first Black music department head at a major agency. With a roster of chart-topping artists such as J. Cole, Migos, Rhapsody, PartyNextDoor and many more, Gibbs hopes that his leadership role will inspire “other young people of color to want to learn more about this business and strive to be leaders.”

The ICM Partner also shared with Billboard a piece of advice for young R&B and Hip-Hop artists. “Create great music with a point of view — now more than ever people are tuned in — and you can build a loyal fan base that cares as much about the artist as they do about the music.”