Bob Saget Launches Podcast

ICM Partners is pleased to congratulate our client Bob Saget following the launch of his podcast, Bob Saget’s Here for You.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the comedian and television icon to cancel his slate of tour dates, Saget partnered with Studio71 to transfer his skills into a new format, one where he could safely continue entertaining and connecting with his fanbase. Bob Saget’s Here for You is an open conversation, inviting anyone to call (562) 600-0343 and leave a message in the designated podcast mailbox. True to Saget’s comedic style, no conversation topics are off limits.

“I’ve always had a thing with people that I could talk to them like I know them already, and I’m in a place in my life where people feel like they know me already,” Saget told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s amazing what my takeaway is from it. It’s so rewarding… people are really communicating with me and I’m doing the same,” he added.

New episodes will launch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first two weeks, followed by a Monday/Thursday release schedule.