Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto Receives Vilcek Prize in Filmmaking

ICM Partners is proud to congratulate Rodrigo Prieto, on his much deserved honor from the Vilcek Foundation. Established in 2006, the foundation celebrates the contributions of international vanguards and innovators in the arts and sciences, thereby advancing greater opportunities for diverse perspectives.

Prieto’s illustrious career as a cinematographer and Director of Photography is credited for helping shape such award-winning films as The Irishman, Wolf of Wall Street, Brokeback Mountain, 8 Mile, Amorres Perros and many more. A three-time Academy Award nominee, Prieto has long been recognized as one of Hollywood’s most sought after DPs. He is a frequent collaborator with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Julie Taymor, and Oliver Stone.

Prieto’s camera work is known for its exceptional ability to highlight details in order to spark emotional shifts within a narrative. He credits his identity as a foreigner – born in Mexico, working in the US – for providing him with this sensitivity. “Being a foreigner gives you a certain perspective,” he said. “You pay more attention to things that maybe someone from that culture doesn’t notice anymore.”

And as much as he is driven to create the emotive moments for a viewer, he is also looking for such occurrences when choosing films. “I want to participate in movies that say something to me from an emotional level. I gravitate to scripts and ideas that have something that I want to explore in myself. I feel lucky that I haven’t been pigeonholed into a certain style or genre. Art is a yearning for us to express ourselves and that expression transcends even time.”

Congratulations Rodrigo Prieto, it is an honor to support your phenomenal career!