Final Installment of ​Richard Nelson’s 12-Play Cycle Opens Off Broadway

For the past decade, the New York based playwright has defined his reputation in the theatre scene with the sweeping Rhinebeck Panorama. But with the opening of What Happened? The Michaels Abroad, the Chekhovian-inspired series comes to a close.

Reviewed in a recent New York Times article, Nelson’s plays are said to be neither naturalistic or realistic. Rather they are “an attempt at verisimilitude. Through the dozen plays he makes a case — in our cultural moment of polarized absolutes — for questioning, nuance and, above all, conversation as a way to connect people, process the unknown and ultimately be in the world.”

All set in the Hudson Valley town where Nelson resides, the 12 plays capture dinner-table conversations amongst families—the Apples​, the Gabriels, and the Michaels—and with their loved ones and friends. The dialogue reflects contemporary, headline-making issues​ and everyday experiences, as ordinary life is the ongoing theme.

What Happened? The Michaels Abroad is now playing at Hunter College’s Frederick Loewe Theatre.