ICM Partners Honor Election Day as a Paid Holiday

The right to vote is more than a privilege, it is a necessity. Casting a ballot to inform a better future is an imperative duty of all Americans.

In the last national election, more than 100 million voting-eligible Americans did not act within their constitutional rights to vote, and 35% of those who did not vote reported that scheduling conflicts with work or school interfered with their ability to do so. To ensure that a work conflict will never prevent one of our employees from voting, ICM Partners officially made election day, Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, a paid holiday.

This decision was a step forward in our ongoing effort to facilitate political engagement within our company. In 2017 we launched ICM Politics, an internal department led by Hannah Linkenhoker that produces events and distributes resources with the goal to further the political awareness and activity for ICM employees. ICM Politics was the first of its kind amongst agencies, and it has been a tremendous success.

In the last three years, the department has hosted numerous candidate events including presidential candidates Senator Cory Booker and Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as individual and panel discussions with Senators Kamala Harris, Chris Coons, Diane Feinstein, Jeff Flake, Heidi Heitkamp, Eric Garcetti and more. We’ve brought in numerous State Attorneys General candidates, Congressional candidates, Governors and many of the crucial “down-ballot” races and initiatives. ICM Politics has facilitated client engagement around voter registration and census awareness initiatives with various organizations around the country, as well as an active partner with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization. We recently hosted a protest rally with Black Lives Matter and #8Can’tWait at our Century City headquarters, which attracted 3,000 people who heard speeches from representatives of Black Lives Matter and actor Michael B. Jordan prior to peacefully marching to the Beverly Hills City Hall organized by Travis Merriweather.

ICM Partners’ will continue taking every step to ensure we do our part and more.