Kehlani Releases Second Album to Rave Reviews

ICM Partners is pleased to congratulate Kehlani on the chart-topping release of her latest album, It Was Good Until it Wasn’t. The 15-track album made an incredibly strong debut, landing at the number one spots in the Apple Store and on iTunes Music upon hours of its release to the public.

“First time in my entire career I am fasho about to cry,” the artist wrote on her Twitter page in regards to the album’s incredible debut performance. It Was Good Until It Wasn’t features some of hip-hop’s biggest names, including ICM Partners’ client Masego. The album is the follow up to the Grammy-nominated SweetSexySavage, the first studio album released by the Oakland, CA native in 2017.

Kehlani has released music videos for two tracks off of It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, one for Everybody Business and for Open (Passionate), both of which she directed and edited herself while at home during quarantine.

Read more about the making of It Was Good Until It Wasn’t in an exclusive interview Kehlani did with New York Magazine.