Kiana Ledé Releases Debut Album “Kiki”

ICM Partners is pleased to celebrate the release of Kiana Ledé’s debut album “Kiki”. The highly-anticipated record from the singer, songwriter, and actress, was released on Ledé’s birthday, April 3rd, by Republic Records.

“Shoutout to all my beautiful friends who shared their gifts and love with me on this album,” the artist wrote on Twitter. “I can finally let you all see who I made magic with.” The 17-track album features numerous collaborations, including with ICM Partners’ clients Ari Lennox and Arin Ray.

Ledé released a three-part series showcasing the making of “Kiki”, which was largely written and recorded in Malibu, CA. “I wanted to have no agenda and no time constraints and be locked away in a house for a week just to make music that I wanted to make with no opinions, nothing. I was ready to make music with no expectations,” she described in the series.

The album cover features the Phoenix, AZ native sitting in front of the house she grew up in. “[It’s] the house I played the piano for hours in. The house I taught myself to play guitar in. The house I cried too many times in. The house I dreamt of doing all of the things I’m doing now in. I used to be ashamed of it but now I am so grateful for it. I wouldn’t be me without it,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Kiki” is available to listen to and purchase on all digital streaming services.