Spike Lee Tours the Newly-Opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

This past week, Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee proudly toured the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and his special featured collection with the Los Angeles Times. “I’m elated. I am happy and honored that this exhibition is here for the opening of the museum,” Lee asserted. “I’ve always been a collector. This is a real life’s work.” Positioned between a gallery featuring a timeline of Oscar winners and a gallery highlighting the wonder of the “Wizard of Oz,” Lee’s gallery—which is a centerpiece at the Academy of Museum Motion Pictures—is not only a tribute to his films, but to his personal heroes as well.

Beginning with baseball cards and swiped subway advertisement posters, Spike Lee began collecting imagery of his icons from a young age. Some of his most cherished collectables are now on display in the museum including signed posters from beloved directors like Kurosawa, whose legendary film “Rashomon” inspired Lee’s first feature “She’s Gotta Have It,” and John Singleton whose poster for “Boyz n the Hood” was signed to Lee as “My Brother.” Lee feels that the gallery is a tribute to the inspirations that helped shape his provocative and controversial vision.

The prolific director has maintained a substantial archive of memorabilia thus far and does not plan to stop any time soon in either his collections or his work. “I’m just beginning” he declared. “I’ve got a lot of work to do, a lot of films, stuff I haven’t done before, other art forms. We had to shut down for COVID, but I’m ready to go.” It is a gift to glimpse the past and what made Lee become one of the most prominent and influential filmmakers of modern cinema.

Check out his exhibit now at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.