Tunde Oyeneyin named Nike Athlete

ICM Partners is proud to announce that our client, and beloved Peloton instructor, Tunde Oyeneyin, has been named a Nike Athlete. It may come as a surprise that it took Oyeneyin years to consider herself an athlete, having never moved beyond tryouts when it came to her school’s sport teams. She has long since come to realize that “If you have a body, you’re an athlete,” and plans on using her partnership with Nike to uplift young women who look like her.

In an interview with Well + Good, she describes the influence that Nike has held in her life. “I realize now that part of my opportunity with this platform is to speak to other people who look like me, just as Nike has communicated to me for so many years by using models and athletes who look like me,” she comments. “Part of me now coming into this space is to continue carrying that torch.”

Re-instilling a sense of play around sports is another critical aspect of the conversation that Oyeneyin passionately pursues. At a young age sports is all about play and, for some, slowly turns into competition. Oyeneyin believes that there is a way to be competitive while still uplifting those in the arena, and by being a positive role model, she is breaking social stigmas and showing us how to do so. Being an athlete is not about being the best on the team, or even making the team; it is about achieving the mindset required to excel. As Oyeneyin likes to say, “My mind is my strongest muscle.”

Tunde’s goal is to ignite the passion of sport in everyone and to bring more women into the world of sports and fitness. “I think sports fosters community and that builds character and confidence,” says Oyeneyin. “Movement is a celebration of life and I think that celebration is community, and so when you look at all the pieces together, it all lives synergistically — movement, celebrating, community, character-building, confidence — it’s all one in the same.”

Congratulations to Tunde Oyeneyin for the inspirational work she is doing in the world of sports.