A Note From ICM Partners CEO Chris Silbermann About This Week’s News

Ours is a country of laws, dedicated to the pursuit of justice; this mandate has been on raw and powerful display in recent weeks during the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. To be a juror in this trial took real courage, and we applaud the jury for thoughtfully following the evidence to come to this verdict. Nothing can change the tragic and horrifying death of George Floyd, or the persecution of so many in the African American community that has persisted in this country for far too long. But justice being served here is a step in the right direction; to hold accountable those who betray their sacred duty to protect and serve all people. ALL PEOPLE.

We support reform and transparency in our policing practices, and demand more basic empathy in the system around those practices. Those who’ve chosen and dedicated themselves to the truly difficult job of law enforcement play a crucial role in our society, they are indispensable to our security and worthy of our respect. But in order for all Americans to regain trust in those who occupy this position of power, and to feel safe in their homes and communities, we must have real and true accountability.

We stand in support and solidarity with those in our community who are Black, Asian, Native American, Latinx, and with all BIPOC people in condemning the injustice and senseless violence they have had to endure, and we stand united as we come together to heal and forge a better, hopeful future together.

– Chris