ICM’s Efforts in Combating the Student Loan Crisis

A recent piece from The Hollywood Reporter took a hard look at the student loan epidemic that continues to shake young professionals across industries, looking specifically at its impact within Hollywood.

With an increase in debt and lower wages, the ability to break into the industry has grown to be harder and harder. “It has become a diversity issue and a class issue,” said Liz Alper, a writer and WGA board member.

Eager to create a reality where student debt is mitigated within the industry and beyond, ICM Partners is among several companies working towards addressing the issue.

“Affordability and financing student loans has become a big factor in who can come into our industry. Now we are looking to expand” said Rick Levy, ICM Partners COO.

Last year, we revamped our student loan assistance in order to better assist our employees in leveling out their student debt. We currently work with Vault to provide a matching program where we pay $50 a month to aid in paying down employee loans—and this month, we doubled our matching allowance to $100 per employee.

ICM Partners is dedicated to cultivating a space where creatives of all kinds can thrive, and we’re working to enable this one initiative at a time.