Spike Lee Releases “3 Brothers – Radio Raheem, Eric Garner and George Floyd

During a weekend filled with national protests championing Black Lives Matter, Spike Lee released a powerful short film titled 3 Brothers – Radio Raheem, Eric Garner and George Floyd.

The film opens with a question: Will History Stop Repeating Itself? What follows is a compilation of scenes depicting the tragic deaths of three men, one from 1989, one from 2017, and one from 2020. Each death occurred in similar circumstances: a black man was restrained by white police officers in public.

While Radio Raheem is a fictional character from Lee’s seminal 1989 film Do the Right Thing, the scene of his death sets up the ugly, unjust, yet all too real truth Lee depicts in this film. Nearly two decades later, the country has not evolved to be an equitable and fair nation for all.

The director and activist premiered the short on CNN’s special I Can’t Breathe: Black Men Living and Dying in America, and is available to watch on his Twitter.