Travis Merriweather Promoted to Senior Political Strategist at ICM Partners

Travis Merriweather has been promoted to Senior Political Strategist, it was announced by Chris Silbermann, CEO of ICM Partners, and Hannah Linkenhoker, Head of ICM Politics. Over the past year, Travis and ICM Politics focused heavily on racial equality issues, voter mobilization/education, and political engagement of our clients and employees.

“Travis has had an enormous impact in executing our ambitious political vision and socially responsible vision and strategy at ICM, making himself an invaluable member of our team,” said Chris Silbermann. “His passion for creating, organizing, and executing effective engagements gives us the power to take meaningful action on the issues that are most important to our clients and our agency. As we all aspire to do more and be more together, Travis knows how to direct that energy to tangible effect and change. We could not be prouder of his growth here at ICM and we’re honored to call him a colleague and leader.”

This past year, Merriweather helped facilitate many important activations to help Get Out The Vote in important national and local races including a viral conversation with EARTHGANG with Stacey Abrams that helped kick off early voting in Georgia; aligning KHALID with Vote Loud and many client engagements with close agency partner Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, including filming special original content with RAPSODY.

In June, he organized a peaceful protest and march at the ICM Partners building in Century City to stand in solidarity with the BLM movement and provide an opportunity for Hollywood leaders to hear directly from BLM activists, organizers and committed celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Kendrick Sampson, and Dr. Melina Abdullah, the leader of LA Black Lives Matter. The event drew thousands of people and received local, national and international media coverage.

“It is great to work for a company that is deeply committed to organizing and executing political and socially impactful engagements year-round, not just during election time and we are very excited about our plans for 2021. We will continue to build relationships and strategic alliances with leaders and advocacy organizations who champion the causes we and our client’s believe strongly in as well as advise our clients on engaging with elected officials to communicate policy solutions to pressing challenges.” said Travis Merriweather.

As the 2020 Presidential Election drew near, Merriweather and ICM Politics focused on voter education, mobilization, and the political engagement of ICM clients and employees (partisan and non-partisan). In a joint effort between ICM Politics and HER ICM, the agency’s female affinity group, ICM reached 100% employee voter registration and Election Day was declared a paid holiday for the agency. ICM Politics also teamed up with BIPOC affinity group #DiversifyICM and the LA Women’s Collective to host a candidate forum for the LA District attorney’s race, LA County Supervisor, and other local races.

Merriweather first became politically involved as a community organizer with Organizing for America, mobilizing grassroots support for President Obama’s legislative priorities and 2012 re-election campaign. After helping lead one of the largest voter registrations drives on a college campus in America, Travis worked in the office of the Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama. He moved to Los Angeles in 2014 where he has served as a political fundraiser and entertainment relations consultant for candidates and campaigns including Hillary for America and Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate for Nevada.